Our founders

Our Community Energy has been established by two pioneering energy companies: Mongoose Energy Ltd and Our Power Ltd. Mongoose Energy works with community groups to develop and finance renewable energy projects whose objective is to provide positive social impact and a good return to investors. Our Power is a not for profit energy supplier whose goal is to provide fair, affordable, clean and secure energy – whilst helping those who are at risk of fuel poverty or on lower incomes.

Our structure

Our Community Energy is a Community Benefit Society (“BenCom”), which means that it conducts business for the benefit of the community. It is regulated by the Cooperative and Community Benefit Society Act 2014 and registered with the FCA. BenComs have a special class of share called a withdrawable share that does not increase in value but can bear an interest payment. These interest payments will represent the return to investors. The shares cannot be sold but they can be withdrawn. Each investor in OCE will be entitled to one vote regardless of the number of shares they hold. The maximum investment in withdrawable shares is £100,000 for any person or entity. This model provides a more democratic and transparent model of ownership and governance.


Our board

Alister Steele MBE

Chair of not-for-profit energy supplier Our Power

Karthik Subramanya

Karthik Subramanya

Senior Advisor at the Boston Consulting Group

Stuart Frame

Formerly of Royal Bank of Scotland

Andrew Smith

Formerly Head of the Scottish Investment Bank’s Renewable Energy Investment Fund

Mark Kenber

Mongoose Energy CEO

Jeff Kenna

Founding director of Mongoose Energy