Bond and equity opportunities

We are offering investors the chance to take advantage of bond and equity offers totaling £2,975 million to support the acquisition of a portfolio of renewable energy projects in Scotland. The first -12 MW of wind turbines – will be acquired in 2018; our goal is to develop and acquire a further 80 MW of projects over the next 5-8 years.


Healthy rates of interest (capital at risk)

The bond and equity offers we are offering will deliver target interest rates of 2.5% plus RPI and 4% plus RPI respectively over 20 years for those who secure a chance to invest, as well as providing an additional 1% of interest in the first year for those who sign-up and invest in the bond offer before the first half of the target funds are raised. As the offers also include an Innovative Finance ISA option, investors looking to transfer their existing ISAs before the end of the financial year can take advantage of the higher rate of interest offered compared to cash ISAs.


Profits back to the community

The purchase of these assets will be structured to supply our partner, not-for- profit energy supplier Our Power, with discounted electricity worth over £75,000 a year to support the objective of taking its customers out of fuel poverty. The upcoming bond and share offers to support these assets will provide a good return to investors, whilst fulfilling Mongoose’s mission to democratise the energy sector in a way which benefits the environment and creates a strong social impact.